Langarva Kaise Ghar Jaaun

Raag Hameer * Drut Teen Taal

Pandit Rajan & Sajan Mishra

Dheet Langarva Kaisey Ghar Jaoon

Sun Pawey Mori Saas Nanadiya, Chhar De Mohe

Hoon Jo Chalee Panghatawa Thharo

Kaun Bahaney Pyarey Balma

Chheen Layee Moree Sees Gagariya

Barajori Kini Hare Sundarawa


6 thoughts on “Langarva Kaise Ghar Jaaun

  1. The singing of the bandish begins with
    Kaise ghar jaaoon langarava, sun paavegi saas nanadiya
    Chaand de mohe dheeth langarava (the last two words are missing in your text).

    There is a word missing at the end (needed to make the taal complete). It should read Barajori keenhi Hare Sundarava.

    • Sir, thanks for the words. Can you please let me know where i can get a recording of this ? any album released by the pandits ?

      • You can get a recording of this in the album Raag Anuraag part 1 , a collection of songs by different singers, all students of Pt. Parmeshwar Hegde, Bangalore.

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