Tarapat Beeti Sagari Rain

Raag Bhatiyar * Madhyalaya Teen Taal

Ustad Rashid Khan


Tarapat Beeti Sagari Rain

Bhor Bhayi Piya Na Aaye

Ka Se Kahun Main Jiya Ke Bain


‘Nisar’ Piya Ko Kou Manaao

Baat Takak Thake Nain


3 thoughts on “Tarapat Beeti Sagari Rain

  1. how can you vote for a bandish without even hearing the rendition? should’nt there be a way rasikas can hear it without the complications of technology?

  2. – This is Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan’s take on this lovely bandish, arguably the best take there could be. Spotless.

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