It’s now :)

Thanks for the constant appreciation and love. I’ll try and create something even more useful on this blog.

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Love & Peace.


13 thoughts on “It’s now :)

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  2. Gangubai is such a personal fauvorite of mine, am waiting for more on her! I will keep coming back to this site, coz it is simply the largest repository of stuff that is there that i have come across! 🙂 cheers

    • I’ll look it up Sid, thanks a lot. I haven’t been using YouTube as a source as of yet as I’m constantly on a wireless connection. And you know the connection speeds of wireless connections in cities other than the metros is awful.

      It now seems that I would have to use YouTube. And by the way, I have typed down hundreds of bandishes. It’s just that I’m not finding any time to log in and upload.

      Keep visiting. You’ll soon see new stuff here!

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