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10 thoughts on “Legends

    • @Samrat Fateh Ali Khan – I think you should be more realistic about making such claims about Tansen. 56 Lac compositions? Do you have any idea how much that number is? Let’s assume Tansen only spent 10 minutes on a composition – which means to say he spent a total of 3360000000 seconds or ~38889 days or ~107 years just composing. Dude, please, at least, check the math before you make such claims.

  1. why have u not included the gwaliori legends into it and even u did not include patyala gharana legends?

    • @rizwan ali khan – It is a personal blog. I am not an authority on this subject. I have included whatever I felt like including. Suggest a few names and I will look them up.

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  3. Nice Pics…But missing lots of em…site strongly needs updation…I suggest Admin should allow public for contributing Bandishein….entire Nirguni, abhang and many more are missing..ty

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